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Sometimes a nice vacation is exactly what’s needed, right? With an increasing workload year after year, especially in the US, many of us get beaten down from the daily grind. The same exact grind that actually supports and sustains us (it’s funny how that works). 

The cool thing is that there’s a way to work around this, and part of it involves just simply getting out more – to a different country, state, wherever. Traveling, in general, to explore new places and have new experiences can be majorly beneficial for your overall moral. In fact, many of the problems that weigh us down in life can simply be fixed by a change of scenery.

Traveling is amazing for the soul and many people don’t experience it enough for themselves because they devalue the importance or don’t feel they have the access to do so. I want to inspire you to travel more by sharing 9 of the countless benefits that come from traveling.

Improves Health & Wellness

Traveling can have a major impact on your well being. It has been scientifically provento decrease stress and anxiety, while having a positive effect on those dealing with depression. It has also been proven that those who travel are far less likely to deal with heart disease. The decreased stress and increase in movement (from all the walking) promotes healthier blood flow and peace of mind.

Creates Lifetime Memories

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” â€“ Mark Twain 

No doubt, traveling brings PLENTY of amazing experiences that you’ll cherish forever. Whether it be from racing down the autobahn in Germany, which has no speed limit by the way, biking down Bolivia’s Death Road with a GO PRO attached to your head. or climbing Mount Chirripò in Costa Rica. There are plenty of places to visit and activities to indulge in that wouldn’t be an option in your home country. Allowing you to create the sort of experiences that’ll always give you the bragging rights of having lived life to the fullest in your friend group.

Increased Cultural Awareness

You’ll experience many different cultures and meet different kinds of people. Learning the traditions and values of many countries. For instance, in Japan tipping under any circumstance is considered insulting yet slurping noodles and eating food loudly is encouraged and even considered polite! Meanwhile, in Germany public transportation is always on time and it is uncommon to see pedestrians jaywalking. Learning the different customs around the world will also make you more tolerant of others as you expand your worldview.

You Become More Well Rounded

Visiting new countries can present new challenges. When visiting new countries you learn that it just might be necessary to learn a phrase or two in the local language to get by, whether it’s from eating at that nice hole-in-the-wall diner or finding the directions to your hotel or other destination. More importantly, the challenges of navigating a foreign country makes you a lot more resourceful and aware. In many countries tourists are easy targets for criminals. Frequently being targeted by locals for an easy “come up”. After traveling enough times it becomes a lot easier to spot the fake gimmicks and tricks that may put you in some not so favorable situations. Moreover, not only does frequent traveling enhance your intellectual abilities, but boosts your creative juices as well. The exposure to brand new concepts and ways of thinking does wonders for your creative bone and expands your mental outlook.

You Disconnect From Everyday Life

Responsibilities and struggles of everyday life can really beat us down. Whether it be loved ones that depend on us constantly on the daily or from a job that wears us down from its constant mental or physical demands, these responsibilities take a toll on our well being. They become routineand boring. Leaving us stuck in autopilot and left feeling suffocated,  “gasping for air”. Traveling let’s you break away from that and brings back the joy and excitement in life. Really because it brings back the feeling of jumping into the unknown. Where anything can happen next.

You Meet Interesting People

There’s some really really weird people you could meet out there, simply put. A lot of those weird people are also interesting. Traveling opens up the door to connect with a bunch of really different people from all kinds of backgrounds. 

Have you ever met an Australia man who has climbed the 3 tallest mountains in the world? What about a British woman who can eat more than 20 hotdogs in a sitting? Nope? Well it’s cause you need to travel more. In all seriousness, traveling exposes you to some really cool people and every so often they can become long-term contacts

Growing up I wasn’t aware of this and believed there wasn’t really a specific crowd of people I had enough in common to “fit in” with. Traveling allowed me to realize this wasn’t the case at all and I just had to find them.

Makes Life More Interesting

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” – Saint Augustine 

Traveling makes you feel like an adventurer as if you’re conquering a new territory and crossing it off your list. You don’t have to go crazy and attempt to survive in the jungle, instead you can try mountain biking through a nice sized trail (which is a major workout btw). 

There’s countless experiences to have and places to visit around the world. Such as Niagara Falls, The Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and more. Places that once you visit them you’ll never forget

Traveling allows you to taste many specialized dishes from around the world too. Like steak in Brazil, seafood paella in Spain, marzipan in Germany, or even buttered popcorn in the US. In fact, many of the foods we eat everyday actually originate from other countries and can’t be replicated as good anywhere else.

You Experience Self Discovery

Exploring a place that you aren’t so familiar with really forces you out of your comfort zone and to see what decisions you make in situations you wouldn’t normally experiences, allowing you to really understand yourself in a new light. You may be a lot more resilient or free spirited than you may have previously believed. 

Causing you to make yoga a consistent hobby because you enjoyed those few classes you took while in Costa Rica or for you to how much you like scuba diving cause you tried it in the Bahamas. The point is, you learn so much about who you are (and are not), by traveling and experiencing what each place has to offer.

You Have A Change in Perspective

A lot of the little things in your life that bother you suddenly won’t seem so bad. Because you’ll recognize there are so many people in the world who aren’t as fortunate and are dealing with issues that are far bigger. Causing you to shift your mental perspective to one more inline with practicing gratitude and compassion. 

Your job won’t feel so draining, your family won’t seem so annoying, and you’ll be more sympathetic towards the less fortunate. Bringing on a lot more peace and clarity to your life. Simply put, travel is just good for your soul.