“But when the time came,                                                                                            they made the hits and turned nickels into paper,                                                   and paper into empires.”

Watch Out For The Boy Scouts

Almost anyone can be bought. Maybe they need some extra cash to pay the rent, they like fancy watches, or maybe they’re good Samaritans that give it to charity. Who am I to judge a man’s motives? But, occasionally you’ll get a real Boy Scout. The guy who refuses to take a shortcut, turn an eye or bend the rules. This stunad’s looking to turn himself in every time he accidentally jaywalks. The crew in Boardwalk Empire has to deal with the federal agents who think they’re serving the greater good byridding the streets of hooch. Maybe you have to deal with a coworker who refuses to fudge that expense report. Whatever it is, avoid these self-righteous cafones like the plague.

Everyone Needs To Know When To Make Their Move

At the start of prohibition, guys like Al Capone and Lucky Luciano were young kids earning nickels for grunt work. But when the time came, they made the hits and turned nickels into paper, and paper into empires. There’s a definitive point in every Joe’s career when he has to stop working for the man, and start being the man. It could be pulling your clients away from the firm to start a shop of your own, or it might be knocking off three bootleggers looking to bring a shipment to the Second City. Chances are it’s the first. But if it’s the second, make sure it doesn’t happen on my turf.

Times have certainly changed since Nucky and crew ran AC in the roaring ‘20s. The flappers are gone, liquor is legal and Jersey is no longer a wasteland for organized crime. Well, not everything has changed. But despite the fact that we’re living in a different era, the principles of the street have stayed the same. You might not be looking to live the lives of Capone and Nucky. It’s not for everyone. But life is the same gamble whether you’re running molasses from Canada or just trying to get ahead in the business world. And chances are you’ll get ahead a lot faster if you take your cues from the paisans on the boardwalk.

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