According to author Brooke Stephens’ book, Talking Dollars and Making Sense: A Wealth Building Guide for African-Americans, the lifespan of a dollar in the Asian community is 28 days, in the Jewish community the lifespan of a dollar is 19 days, and shockingly, the lifespan in the African-American community is approximately 6 hours.
This is DELUX Magazine’s effort to help introduce products, services, and options within our community. City by city, town by town, we plan to grow this directory with community based resources and options. We noticed 3 years ago when we first started the Power 100 Gala that the room was full of all spectrums of our culture, proving we can be self sufficient.
Providing a cool, easy flowing, directory that uplifts Black Businesses allows for Brand Expansion and Amplified Messaging through DELUX Magazine’s 360 Marketing Strategies.  This guide takes pride in placing your brand in all the necessary media mediums to increase Social Media Followers, Organic Web Traffics, SEO and above all and increase in ROI.
The DELUX Magazine Black Business Guide will be accessible through the World Wide Web, Google Play App, Apple Store, and Social Media.  Our community is poised to support our local Black businesses but our case study showed most consumers didnt know where to look.  So DELUX is building the bridge from the consumer to the business, by providing a built in map for easy navigation, a 5 star rating system, Product pics, and so much more.
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  1. Lyrical Therapy is St. Louis largest weekly Open Mic put together by Richard Washington and his team The Therapeutics, Bringing artist a platform to network, express and practice they’re craft.
    The show is Every Sunday at Urb Arts (2600 N 14th St) 7p,
    And soon to be monthly at KDHX The Stage this Summer.

  2. Sara Paracha

    Hi, I am inquiring to reach out to Keith Griffin on behalf of Mathews-Dickey, please let me know the best email or contact number. thank you!

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