What’s your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

My favorite part is that it’s endless and that we can always improve. There are endless sources of inspiration and countless different real-world encounters to draw from. Still, I feel like the most important thing about being a fashion is that you’re never satisfied— you’ll never quite ‘arrive’, because there are so many things you don’t know, you have to keep evolving.

STL City SC Midfielder, Aziel Jackson

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer/artist?

When I create something, it’s very personal to me and a reflection of my experiences. The ability to express oneself with creativity and intent is a great feeling. Whether it’s an outfit or a piece of work on a wall, the viewer/audience has a feeling, an emotion tied to that moment that they can take with them to make their First Move. 

Tell me a little about your style of brand, major, and up-and-coming labels, what would you pull from or get an idea of with your particular type of Fashion?

A friend of mine, Kid Supers his name is Collin from New York Brooklyn remember watching how his brand evolved when he was my age actually 10 years ago I was at his shop and you know Kid Supers is what it is today but it’s just like so out of balance with his artwork and like he took his drawings and put him on clothes and it’s kind of like a similar style I’m doing I’m just trying to go a little bit more outside the box but I feel like it’s Kid Super, and also seeing Stewart’s brand as well at the fashion show. Because they’re not playing by the rules and that’s what I don’t wanna do.

What type of fashion do you enjoy working with the most?

I love to wear things that no one has like when I go to the facility and people ask me where did you get that, I love corduroy and I love Putting all different types of corduroy and different cotton on but I feel like the most intriguing thing about fashion is the hoodie shirts because the shirts that I’m doing right now with my new line and fashion are bringing different materials together, and what I’m doing is recycling different fabrics and because people don’t like keeping old clothes so they Get rid of clothes they don’t fit them anymore so I’m kinda like bringing the idea of like hey I’ll take your clothes and make it into something beautiful and that’s what I wanna do.

What is your take on how you stay up to date on the latest fashion trends?

Yes, I feel like I am doing what AZ does the trend starts with my artwork in my journal I combined realism with simplicity and that is what I am going to show with my new line of promotional shirts. But besides the clothes that were debuting or on the runway from my “First Move,” there’s going to be like if you saw my black shirt there was a “choose wisely” it was about the hands all going to the pond but like true differently one was semi realism one was simplicity one was robotic and that’s kind of how I want to keep growing in that aspect because it’s not just about staying with something and continuing it’s about evolving.

So you collaborated with one of your teammates let’s talk about that collaboration with VAPS.

I’m open to collaborating with anyone I honestly think that’s when two designs come together can make something great and make something even more powerful and way more impactful. The collaboration I did with VAPS was something cool just because he’s my roommate my bro and his Nigerian culture and I wanted to add some “First Move” flare into it and that’s what we did and it was great to see on the runway with me modeling it as well and I think it’s a lot of opportunity when it comes to taking things out of the box with brands thatdon’t take it out of the box because VAPS are kind of standard and they have great material but not as much design flare or artistry so I wanted to bring that edge to it.

How was it working with your roommate on the design look and feel, did you guys go back and forth, and was it a competitive collaboration?

I drew out some things I felt would be powerful, and interesting to the eye, and it was kind of like OK I like this one I don’t like this one I was like I don’t like this fabric so it was kind of back forth “I don’t want this color”, “I don’t want this color”, “I don’t like this,”, so yeah it was tough but I think we came together with it because you know we’re competitive so yeah I think it worked pretty well.

What was the timeframe for creating that line?

It was about 2/3 weeks, I would get photos from his brother who’s part of the VAPS brand that would be like “Yo is this good” I’m like “No” It was back-and-forth I was like ‘This is good but maybe stretch this out, or stretch the design on the back out and embroid it on the side or make it in the middle” so a lot critiquing until both brands created a masterpiece.

So Which celebrities have a great sense of style and why

I mean I’d say Kanye’s vision of his style is unique because he has always challenged the status quo. When he first came on the scene he was wearing Ralph Lauren polos instead of the baggy outfits the rappers wore. So many years later he’s redefined the norm once again by, almost redefining the modern look, there’s no set style. He has a great ability to generate movement with his ideas in the fashion world because he thinks outside the box and that’s cool he relates it to music and I want to do that with soccer.

Who’s on the flip side of Kanye?

Adam Sandler is a multi-millionaire and he doesn’t care about his fashion. His wardrobe is very simple, you know, basic, basketball shorts and a T-shirt. While he’s not a designer, it’s an example of being comfortable in your element. With First Move, I would challenge myself to create a design that carries the artistic feeling I’m going for, but in a simplistic way that remains in Sandler’s wheelhouse.

What are your favorite fashions from the 80s 90s early 2000

I used to fro out my hair and rock the very bright colors. I like those bold colors and like glitter on the pants, you know- bringing something out of the look. I feel like I would bring something different back in the day if I had my designs out. With all the accessories and flair, I would incorporate the chains and jewelry to make First Move stand out— that First Move could very well be on the dance floor. That question makes me think about my time in France, where I was introduced to wearing Fur coats more regularly, I would experiment with different looks to bring the whole outfit together.

So hard question how do you handle the criticism of people who feel differently about your work or your fashion?

I think that’s another very common theme within my footballing career. I don’t play for anyone else or force things on the field. I have faith in my ability, but when I’m on the field I look to create, connect, inspire, engage, and play with enthusiasm and passion. All could be said for the direction of First Move. We are there to connect and inspire the fans, not force it upon anyone. In creating fashion, just like art, I don’t think you can make it with the audience in mind. At First Move, we are going to make what we feel represents us best, and continue to put our best foot forward.

How has soccer influenced you in the fashion space, and is this platform helping you propel your fashion career?

Man, there are so many similarities between the two, and so many concepts that intertwine between sport and culture. Just as I mentioned the similarities between my playing style and First Move— the common thread between fashion and soccer is the DNA, the culture of different places. Athletes are about their flow, their style, and finding new trends, but it is always important to look at the history of these clubs and leagues and see what makes the teams who they are— once again, expressing creativity through connecting experiences.

So what does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means to me Creating things out of nothing and making them the most appealing thing to the eye I say it’s the best version to express yourself to people walking around the world wearing your things it’s not just about wow this is cool it’s about how someone created this out of nothing and had like the creative mind just to get that out and just like the thought process of building something out of nothing is like an awesome me.

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