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5. Da 5 Bloods

This was just enough. Five war vets bound by honor meet up to return to Vietnam to reclaim a treasure they left behind. Delroy Lindo and Chadwick Boseman do some fantastic work in this one. Naturally the film has Spike Lee’s pateneted style poured all over this film. Now i know i once said “the film Chi-Raq has its strong points” (I meant the Dave Chappelle cameo), but believe me when i say this is one you at least should give a once over. Kudos to Spike Lee for doing it again. Go Knicks?

4. Project Power

Still in Netflix  land, we go to a fun concept about a soldier, a cop, and teenage kid teaming up to save this kidnapped young woman from bad guys. Oh, and the whole world is haywire because there is a pill that gives you personalized superpowers for five minutes. I didnt expect this movie to keep my attention the way that it did. Good messy action, plot that you can see coming, and some wonderful takes on super natural abilities in ‘the real world’. You also get great back and forth dialogue from Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Silly and serious, just as advertised.

3. Capone

This is a biopic exaggerating the last year of Al Capone’s life, starring Tom Hardy. This was not praised by critics or audiences during its release but i dont care. I’ll watch crazy @$$ Tom Hardy play any role. He’s falling, mumbling, and staring kff into the distance a lot in this. It’s basically the story of someones Syphilitic mind deteriorating slowly, while the legend his name holds brings another array of drama. Neal Brennan gives a surprising performance in this. The whole film is nothing you expect, and youll appreciate it just for that.

2. Dolittle

I know this is another film that was bashed by critics, but Robert Downey Jr. made the effort to attempt rebooting this beloved family favorite about the doctor who can talk to the animals. Overall, a story of someone finding themselves again after tragedy strikes; its a very common tale. Starts off with Dolittle showing the audience how he actually communicates with each animal around him. With various grunts, barks, cackles, squeaks and hand signs we the audience immediately understand how the Doctor “realistically” communicates to the animals before the film transitions into all the creatures actually speaking like ppl. My only note on that beautiful transition is: How are the other animals understanding each other? I mean i get they can all understand Dolittle and he them, but how is the duck understanding the polar bear? Or the gorilla understanding the dog? So on and so forth. Still, RDJ made a fun movie that makes you smile, as long as you’re not thinking about that one flaw, the entire run time.

1. The Gentlemen

Per usual, Guy Ritchie puts us smack dab in the middle of a story that is detailed yet vague, classy yet tacky, and all around riveting. The cast is outstanding, the plot is rugged, the criminal hijinks are down right poetic, and the approach to the film is classic Guy Ritchie. To sum it up, an American kid genius came to England to go to school. He ends up hustling weed, and gets kicked out. Instead of going home to the states, he decides to stay in England, and grows up to build a marijuana empire instead. Watching Matthew Mcconaughey carry himself with upper echelon British swagger, while maintaining that American southern accent was an amazing cross pollination. Charlie Hutton played the intelligent muscle, as he always does. Their on screen chemistry was Clooney/Pitt good, in my opinion. Hugh Grant stole the show as the slimy private investigator, looking for every payday he can find. Another legendary film to add to this directors brilliant filmography. My only regret is that much like “Rock N Rolla”, we probably won’t get a sequel to this fantastic story with wonderful characters. Cheers!

Welp, that about does it for me on this list. Bet you thought i was gonna put “Tenet” on there. Or Birds of Prey: The Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn? Or Red Son? Or The Old Guard? Or The Hunt? Or New Mutants? Nope. Nah. No. All of those movies were also fun, for one reason or another, but I like the list I put together. As said earlier these were THE MOVIES THAT CAUGHT MY ATTENTION IN 2020!!!! No more, no less. I hope you have found some molecule of entertainment to dive into during this tumultuous time. I hope we all get to enjoy next year face to face and not zoom to zoom. I hope the bar for mind blowing stories keeps rising, as it always has. I hope all creatives have been learning new skills, as to add to this magical industry of illusion. Finally, I hope we see movies next year that get us all as excited and invested as we were this year in Lovecraft Country. Take it easy, Gang. Talk soon. 

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