How can I become a writer for Delux online or print? 

We will typically assign topics to our writers depending on a writer’s voice and style. We ask that interested print writers have been contributing to Delux online for at least six months.

What is the commitment level?

Online writers are asked to commit to a writing frequency of twice a month.  Print article frequency is once a month.  You will submit topics for articles to our editor by the last week of the month for the upcoming month and are expected to meet the assigned deadlines.

When will my article post?

Once you submit an article, you will be notified of any edits and also informed of when it is expected to post. Scheduling of articles is subject to change depending on how topics coincide with the print magazine, cultural events or other unforeseen changes.  Please refrain from asking when your article is going to post, you will be promptly notified and repeat questioning only slows down our editing process.

Editorial Calendar & Deadline for Submissions:

(Editorial Focus Subject to Change)

Issue: Focus: Deadline:
September / October 2014 Luxury Edition July 25, 2014 COB – 5pm
November / December 2014 Gift Guide Edition September 19, 2014 COB – 5pm
January / February 2015 Best of the Runway:

Fashion Week Edition

November 14, 2014 COB – 5pm
March / April 2015 The Lingerie Edition January 23, 2015 COB – 5pm
May / June 2015 The Food & Beverage Edition March 20, 2015 COB – 5pm
July / August 2015 The Hip Hop Edition May 22, 2015 COB – 5pm
September / October 2015 The Play & Culture Edition July 24, 2015 COB – 5pm
November / December 2015 The Philanthropy Edition September 18, 2015 COB – 5pm


Do you offer compensation for articles?

We currently do not offer compensation for online articles.

Will you feature my product or business on your website?

If you have a story or product that you feel especially embodies the DELUX mission or aesthetic, we would love to hear from you! There is no guarantee that we will feature any submission, but we diligently screen all emails and requests. Please contact info@delux-mag.com with “Delux Online Feature Request” in the subject line.

Will you feature my photography on your website or in print?

We’re always looking for original photographs to use with our online and print articles. If you’re a photographer who feels they would be a good fit for the Delux aesthetic, please contact info@delux-mag.com with “Interested Delux Photographer” in the subject line and a link to your website and/or portfolio.

Before submitting, we also ask that you note the following:

  1. By submitting your photo to our group, you are granting us permission to use your photo on our website or in print.
  2. We will give you credit at the bottom of the article where we use the photo, so please be sure to provide us with your name (as you’d like it to appear), as well as a link you’d like us to send our readers to if used online.
  3. When you submit your photos, they will go into a queue for approval by one of our team members to ensure that the photos are appropriate in content, as well as a good fit for our overall aesthetic.

Many of the photos we use on this site are found via Pinterest and various blogs. We always cite the source to the best of our ability, but unfortunately photos are not often properly credited. If you see an image on our site that belongs to you—or if you know who it belongs to—please email info@delux-mag.com to correct the photo credit.

Do you offer internships?

We bring on interns to help with each bi-monthly issue. You can view the available positions and apply for one here.


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