Waka-Flocka-psd37032Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame says he was shot on Tuesday not in a random robbery, but in an attempt on his life.”Somebody was sent to kill me,” the rapper told the Durrty Boyz of his hometown radio station Hot 107.9.

In the brief interview, Waka (real name: Juaquin Malphurs) recalled the violent incident that happened in an Atlanta carwash. The would-be killer got gun shy, he said, and claimed that he was shot when he tried to disarm the assailant. That account differs slightly from police reports of what happened.

“He was so scared, he let me get out the car and grab what I tried to get from him,” Flocka said. “He hit me in my arm and my whole right side went out. Trust me, he could have did his job if he wasn’t scared. That’s the word out to him and his people.

“I’m straight though, it just broke one of my ribs. Cut my arm,” the MC said of his injuries. “I’m straight, though. I’ll back out there. … Y’all can’t stop me.”

Flocka also said he’s been watching his latest video “O Let’s Do It” from his hospital bed.

According to a Kaye Lester, a spokesperson for the Fulton County police, Waka was sitting in his car on Tuesday at the Bubble Bath Express car wash when an unknown male came up to the vehicle, brandished a firearm and demanded Flocka’s jewelry. While taking off his watch, the man shot him and ran. The perpetrator, according to police, got away with Waka’s necklace and bracelet. There is no suspect as of yet.

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