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Gearing Up For Harvard University…



Yara Shahidi’s journey from talented child-star to fashion muse has been undoubtedly seamless. Not to mention, being apart of Black-ish; a groundbreaking, critically acclaimed sitcom, surrounding an upper-middle class African-American family. Black-ish has become a multi-award winning comedy on ABC starring Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross; including real world situations and current news written right into the script.

With a strong backing in activism like women empowerment and immigration rights; Yara describes herself as a “humanitarian and activist,”  and proving of how influential this generation truly has become — All while being fashion forward at the same time. Whether it be award season or countless magazine spreads, Yara Shahidi’s keen eye for fashion speaks for itself. She “GETS IT”!

This appreciation thread features this talented actress’s role in the exciting world of Fashion one red carpet at a time

Be on the lookout for Yara’s own spin-off, College-ish, as she heads off to a university.   In reality, the actress is preparing for Harvard University in the Fall of 2018.  Congratulations Yara, and Good Luck!