stokesTT01We had the privilege of interviewing Sweet Sara in July of 2014.  Though we’re certain much has changed since then, we wanted to share our last conversation to get you PUMPED for YOUR questions when she takes over our Twitter feed on Thursday, April 30 at 12:00pm CST!

Stokes from MTV’s hit reality show with P. Diddy Making the Band’s “Da Band” is poised for a sensational comeback.  Between filming a hot new action film, television, and plays, and oh! Yeah! Singing! This beautiful soul finds time for being a fantastic mother and giving back to her community.  The sultry songbird has become the spokesperson for ‘Diva Half Marathon and 5k Series,’ at, and recently finished a run for the group.  Sweet Sara found a little bit of time for us at Delux and caught us up on all things Sara Stokes and what to expect soon!


Delux:  So we hear you’re working on a movie right now?

SS:  Yes, We’re filming out in DC.  It’s called “Façade,” and it’s pretty much like a Set It Off type of vibe. I’m out here doing action stuff and robbing banks and all types of crazy stuff.  It’s directed by Alexander King.  You’re going to get to see a real ‘wild child’ side of me.  I’m excited about it. 


Delux:  Tell us a little bit about the character you play in “The Façade.”

SS:  Well, I’m in a group of girls that are crazy, and sexy, and they want that money.  We are just running around causing havoc!


Delux:  Awesome!  Sounds like my kind of movie!  Walk me through your movie career.  I know you’ve done some cool things.  photo 3

SS:  Most people remember me from Resurrection: The J.R. Richard Story I did with Kenya Moore, and I did 8 Mile, and YaDaDa Movie.  I’m a true drama queen, so it works for me.


Delux:  How was it working with Kenya Moore?

She’s fabulous.  It was just work, ya know?  We all just came and did our work.


Delux:  Do you have any more plans for TV?

SS:  I’m definitely going to be doing a reality show.  Oh, and a stage play in Flint Michigan, called,  “I Am My Husband’s Mistress.”


Delux:  Girl, you have a lot going on!

SS:  Girl, I’m running marathons and everything now, it’s crazy!


Delux:  Yes!  Tell me about THAT!  I heard you just finished one up.  How did you get started running marathons?

SS:  I’ve been running them since I was 12 years old.  My dad is a Marine, so that should tell you a lot right there.  I’ve run three miles a day since I was 12.  Running and being fit was always a big part of my life.  My manager was like, “Alright, we’re going to run a marathon. Let’s see what you can do.”  I’ll be representing “Run Like a Diva,” and my next race is in Puerto Rico.  I just finished another race in NY for equality.  It was a mud run.  So imagine that one!


Delux:  Dirty!  I love it!  So a race for equality!  That’s dope.  What other kinds of philanthropy do you do?

SS:  I’m always doing that.  Helping.  I just feel like “That could have been me.”  Ya know?  Everyone goes through struggles.  Nothing makes me better than anyone else, I definitely help whenever and however I can.  I love giving back to the community.  I feel like we shouldn’t judge anybody.  I don’t want to be judged either because I’m not perfect, so I just don’t judge.  Everyone has different walks of life.  I’m like the spokesperson for that. I led the way. And wherever I can help out, I do.  So the ‘Mud Race for Equality,’ ‘Run Like a Diva,’ yeah, I just do what I can. 

 I’m doing a Christmas show in December with John Legend and I’ll be opening up for him, and it’s a fundraiser for Children’s hospital.  It will be televised in Chicago.  Definitely giving back to the community. 

 I don’t know what it is about feeling other people’s pain, I just do, and when I can help, I will.

photo 2 (2)


Delux:  If there’s one thing in the world you could fix today:  like you had one superpower was healing the world of ONE thing, what would you fix?

There’s so much to fix, it’s hard to choose.  What really gets me is when I see children hurting.  So I think if I could fix anything, I’d fix children hurting.  Every child would have their mother and their father, and just have a good home.  Not to mention: no starving, and no disease… I would fix that.  Something about a child, and seeing the pain in their eyes when you see things they’re going through… it’s just not fair. 


Delux:  Did all the marathon running win you the opportunity to be the spokesperson for Voss Water?

Definitely.  And the water is really clean, tastes really smooth, and has electrolytes in it, so it’s really good and good for you. 

Delux:  You have some music coming out!  We’re very excited to hear about that!  You have a new single?

SS:  Yeah, I’m working with James Worthy.  He’s producing a single called “Sneak Peak,” and it’s upbeat with a club vibe.  It’s definitely an anthem for women. 


Delux:  When is it coming?

SS:  October 11!  We’ll have a little party, and go all out for it.  Day 26 will come through, and it will be crazy.  They’ll be performing, so it’s nice to have them come through and represent.  And the group I was in, “Da Band,” will come through as well.  There will be a lot of surprises.  We’ll have a few release parties. 


Delux:  Tell us about YOU, and how you’re doing.  How’s the family?

SS:  My children are doing fabulous.  My son is doing orientation at Michigan State right now.  My 18-year-old son, yes, and I’m really proud of him.  It’s crazy.  My daughter Gabby is playing basketball, and is super talented.  And my daughter “Eva the Diva” will be coming out with her album soon.  She models, and she acts.  There’s a lot of talent in my family.  You’ll be able to see that pretty soon on my reality show!  My life is all over, so I HAVE to have it on a reality show!  People will be like, “Oh my goodness!”  It’s where I came from in the first place, so I figured, why not come back out on one?


Delux:  Do you keep up with any of the other members of Da Band?  How are they doing?

SS:  I talk to everyone, and pretty much daily.  Everyone is doing their own thing.  It’s been some years, now, so everyone is kind of grown up.  Actually, we’ll end up getting together again.  And maybe on a song, or whatever. You just never know.  That’s like my second family, so it’s all love with them.



Delux:  Do you have natural hair, or do you relax it?  It’s beautiful!  How do you keep it so beautiful?photo 1

SS:  My hair is naturally curly.  When I work out, I put olive oil in my hair, and it gives it kind of a deep hot oil treatment.  Keeps the scalp really nice!  And you can’t go wrong with olive oil because its natural!  If I want to rock the kinky curly, I just throw some water in it.  If I want it straight, I can use the flat iron.  I love having options.


Delux:  Your skin is pretty perfect in pictures.  Do you REALLY look like that in real life?  What do you do to make it so perfect?  I want that secret!

SS:  I’m crazy about my skin.  I do facial exercises, I use apricot scrub.  I’d say to not use too many harsh chemicals on your face.  It aggravates it.  I use dove soap, apricot scrub, and an Oil of Olay moisturizer.  Nothing expensive and definitely simple. But definitely use an SPF.  You have to stay out of the sun as much as you can, because it can cause so much damage to your skin.  Everyone’s skin is different.  Sometimes people can have different issues.  But I’ll definitely say to stick to a regimented care system.  Nothing too harsh. I could talk about skin all day!  I do have my esthetics license!  I did go to school, and pass state boards.  I’m very excited about that.  One day, I’ll have a skin care line, and makeup line.


Delux:  Should we look for your book, too?

SS:  I will have a book coming out.  I might need about 5 books for that, but… *laughs* Definitely, I’ve led an interesting life.  A lot of ups and downs.  Everyone has a different story.  People are always like, “They don’t know what they’re talking about,” or “They haven’t been through what I’ve been through.”  I think people will be like, “Dang, I didn’t know she went through all that stuff just to make it, and she kept her head up. And kept it moving, and kept her spirit right, and all that.”  It will help them out.


Delux:  Any final thoughts?

SS:  Just want to say “Thanks” for my fans – my extended family – who say they can’t wait for me to come back out there, and who are looking out for me and supporting me with their kind words.  No matter what has gone on with me, or my struggles in the media, they are definitely out there supporting, and I appreciate that. 



Twitter:  @Sara_Stokes

Instagram:  Sara_Stokes


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