team backpack

Congratulations to St. Louis’ own Riley B! Riley B. is a native of St. Louis and is the newest winner of the Team Backpack freestyle competition.

Born Ryan Bell, at the tender age of 12, he became addicted to hip hop music. Beat making on lunch tables to rushing home to watch B.E.T. and MTV music videos was his newest fascination. Through these years, he studied his favorites and became a student of the game. His influences consisted of Nas, Rakim, Jay Z and Kanye West. As a student of the game he began to write, sing, and rap. Rapping through homemade videos with friends, Ryan practiced his craft and began to perfect his craft every time he would spit a verse. Realizing his talent, Riley B. stepped into the limelight on his own. He began to engulf himself in everything from making music to participating in competitions. Finally, finding himself in several national freestyle competitions.

team backpack

Now for those who may not know, Team Backpack is a global hip-hop platform movement. TBP create experiences and content that drives the global hip-hop community. It’s a big deal to battle for Team Backpack, but to win, WOW!! Riley B. competed against 64 other competitors from all over the US as well as contestants from Sweden and London. However, this young man is no stranger to winning. He has also won Jack’ N for Beats, which is also a national freestyle competition. We salute St. Louis’ own Riley B!