Titanium David Guetta ft Sia Cover

Every once in a great while, we stumble upon something so buttery delicious that sharing is second nature.  This is not your standard “New Music Monday” post with lots of production, PR press releases, and major productions.  Oh no.  This is a genuine talent.  A sweet voice that stood out in a sea of YouTube videos and touched my soul.  Ladies and gentlemen, meet Chelsea Cameron.  She’s a beautiful singer.

Chelsea has a golden voice.  Something about her delivery is soothing, and instantly relaxed my mood, and made me smile.  She sounds so much like one of my childhood friends, Brindi Hughes, when she sings.  She has stolen my heart, and I hope you enjoy thumbing through her videos as much as I did.


Chelsea’s social media page says, “I’m just an average girl with above average dreams who makes singing covers in her room.”  We hear you, Chelsea.  And this is dedicated to the dreamers.  To those of us who sang to Michael Jackson in our undies in the living room when watching TV.  Yes, the hair brush was my mic.  Yes, I believed.  And I believe in Chelsea.  She’s going to be a star, and we hope this is a great beginning to a gorgeous voice and a beautiful soul.


To Chelsea’s dreams!


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