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Fashion is…

  — “it’s an opportunity to create and experience something new. Fashion is history, my history, it’s family, it’s friendship, it makes you feel good, and it’s a place to share your personal story. A playground of love, textures, fun fibers & cool machinery.”

-Marcel Coleman Jr.

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Fashion designer Marcel Coleman Jr.’s personality-rich clothing isn’t for those who want to go overlooked. A new and fashioned-forward statement would be more ideal.  And given the St Louis’s own designer track record—including Out Magazine’s 1st Fashion Vanguard Finalist in 2016; designing and street-style sets— peers want to experience Coleman’s story through by way of his design pieces.

On becoming a designer:

Marcel began sketching at a very young age. Noting that watching his aunt sketch design ideas out in her personal notebook, he would observe and duplicate the detailed gowns. Already possessing a passion of art, clearly made drawing effortless. Suddenly the creative thrive began. –It wasn’t until high school, when the designer found the beauty of  taking old clothing and altering them. During this time, Marcel accepted an invitation from a friend, to be apart of a fashion show. In that moment, the idea of becoming an actual designer and entrepreneur was planted in his head.

The Brand:

The line is MTHREEPROJECT. When asked the inspiration for he upcoming season, Marcel states, “Weight,
the WEIGHT THAT WE CARRY, and the ways I’ve released that exact weight.” The designer incorporates threads of his personal life and friend’s stories within the garments & visuals.

Describing his own style as, “It’s Me. Sometimes it consist of  lots of denim, a lot of rips, and fun colors. I prefer to always wear something I’ve created or reconstructed. It’s all MTHREEPROJECT style.”

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Staying Up-to-Date:

Marcel Coleman Jr. cites that research is the key on staying updated on the latest trends, looks, and fashion. Not only does he utilize  the traditional magazine quest method, but the designer credits Pinterest and Instagram for fashion leads. Coleman’s favorite part of being a designer is the opportunity to create, change perspectives, challenge gender identities, and taking pride in doing just that.

So What’s Next?

Coleman will be displayed his designs this upcoming week in the GentStl fashion show. The MUNGENAST LEXUS and The Vital VOICE presents the second all menswear independent designer fashion show in St. Louis produced by Dwight Carter of Brainchild Events. Marcel will also make his mark of excellence at the Art of Noise in Chicago, IL.

Some major goals the designer envisions are to continue to collaborate with more artists, share personal stories of members of the LGTBQ community through art, and continue to push love and honesty in all forms. “We all need each other right now, so my personal goal is to be one of those outlets.” -Marcel Coleman Jr.

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