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When life gave them a lack of women’s artistic experiences, expressions, exhibits and stories, Alexy Irving, Ashlee Nicole, Erica LoveJones and Taylor Roberts joined forces to begin working on an empowering response to fill that void. It is no wonder why the Kuma Theory is beginning to make noise on the local art scene. The brainchild of four creatively dope and intelligent black women on a mission to encourage other artistically expressive women, Kuma Theory will run a quarterly print and online publication that features women artists from all over the world.

kuma theory

Before every beautiful logo and impressive mission, there is a powerful name on the forefront created to capture the audience’s attention. In this case, the saying, There is Power in the Pussy, sparked the meaning behind the Kuma Theory namesake. Determined to present as a strong brand with a purpose, KUMA, the Swahili word for vagina was selected to spearhead the women’s arts publication. Together, the words Kuma and Theory prove the idea that when creatives are brought together to unleash their art, it not only makes the world a better place, but challenges them to reach their full, creative potential.

New to the city but embracers of the artistic community, the Kuma Theory is hitting the ground running and wasting no time to make their mark on the underground art scene. The publication will be hosting its first creative showcase to benefit the mission and printing of the quarterly work. The exhibit, for creative woman, by creative woman, is fiercely titled “Year of the Woman”. The event will be used as a pillar to elevate female artist, specializing in all mediums, to a level where their work is reflected through their own lens and with their own voices.  Donations will be accepted, welcomed and appreciated at the door. The event will be held this Saturday April 9th at Urb Arts located in the Old North City area at 2600 N 14th St., St. Louis, MO 63107.

Kuma Theory Art Showcase

Support women’s artistry, support the female lens, support self-expression…support KUMA!

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