Kimora has heard rumors that she has very similar comparisons between Amber Rose. Kimora writes:

“How do we get from my name to Amber Rose? I don’t see that…How do you get that at all? She’s gorgeous. I’ll say that part. She’s got a big a**. Mine doesn’t look like that. She’s bald headed and white. So what do you have left if you don’t have the business [connection]? That’s all I have. What else is there left?”

“No disrespect to Amber Rose. She’s a friend of Russell’s and mine…but I was married, three children, two of them with my ex…I have been friends with Russell for probably 20 years now, and she’s known Kanye West for how many years? I don’t know. And when did she meet him? And what was she doing before she met him?”

“No. But I love her and I will take the similarities, because don’t you go starting no beef.”

Source – HipHop Blog

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