You probably remember John Witherspoon as Ice Cube’s (Craig’s) outrageously funny, dog-catching dad in New Line Cinema’s smash urban trilogy Friday, Next Friday & Friday After Next. You’ve seen him in everything from popular music videos alongside Jay Z and Sugar Ray-to sitcoms opposite The Wayans Brothers and Saturday Night Live’s, Tracy Morgan-to blockbuster movies alongside Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Chris Tucker and Ice Cube, amongst others. Not only does Witherspoon’s work span over four decades to include blockbuster movies, hit-television shows, commercials, and top-rated music videos, but he’s coined his own catch phrases… as in… “Bang!Bang!Bang!Bang!” and “You Gotta Co-ordinate!”

Friday, November 15
7 pm & 9:30 pm
Tickets $25 • $35 • $45


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