Leather Permitting
Your Everyday Leathering Needs, Realized

The little things are important.

Never doubt that for a second.

The pleases. The thank-yous. The door openings.

The… leather tie cases.

Here to help make sense of it all: Mr. Elk, your new sweat-the-small-stuff outpost for Australian haversacks, New Zealand–leather wallets and low-profile luxury leather, available online now.

This is the kind of incognito finery you’ll want to have on standby when you’re going places, doing things or just generally existing. So yeah, pretty much always.

Take, for example, the purchasing of a taco. You’ll approach the counter, say something like “one taco please,” then whip out an non-ostentatious navy wallet handcrafted in Melbourne by (we’re assuming) a guy who gets you. The same principle applies if you have business cards and need a handsome, cowhide-y place from which to dispense them.

Or hey, maybe you own things and need a place to put them while you walk around. Probably best to enlist the services of a duffel bag made from handwoven jute and trimmed with German leather.

Only the best for your turkey sandwiches.

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