foxybrownFor more than a decade now, Foxy Brown’s name has become less tied to her own music and more so become synonymous with drama, controversy and struggle as she continues to appear on tabloid headlines for her alleged bad behavior. Although Foxy claims to be one of the tough girls of hip-hop, she broke into tears during yesterday’s episode of MTV’s “Rap Fix Live” as she pleaded with her haters to “let me live.”

While sitting with Sway Calloway and fellow Brooklyn rap icon Big Daddy Kane, Fox Boogie got some sage advice from her “big brother,” Kane. He explained that, whether people are discussing her beef with Lil’ Kim or her allegedly being late to Fabolous’ recent show at Hot 97’s Summer Jam, she should be happy that people are talking about her and that she shouldn’t “even sweat stuff like that.”

But Foxy replied that people don’t understand what it feels like to walk in her shoes.

“When it’s just completely redundant, when it’s negative stuff being said constantly, it becomes annoying. It becomes tiring,” she said.

“I have tears in my eyes right now because what I’ve been through, you guys don’t understand,” she continued. “Somebody can just lie and it becomes a trending topic, where everybody is talking about it; I have to constantly come out of the booth and stop what I’m doing to defend a lie.”

Despite her tears, Foxy explained that she’s strong enough to deal with the constant scrutiny

“You know me I’m far from weak, I’m as strong as they get,” she said. “I have the heart of a soldier, but after a while it becomes let her live. Let her live.”


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