In a new development, ALPA gave Swiss design studio Estragon a crack at creating its own rendition of the 12 TC, producing this beautiful version seen above. The ideal traveling camera – there is nothing comparable. Some see the ALPA 12 TC as the digital successor of the defunct Hasselblad SWC, but in any case, it is the smallest and lightest 6×9 roll-film camera for professionals. At the same time it is also the smallest and lightest digital camera with more than 60 MP. The 12 TC is fully integrated into the ALPA platform and all lenses, from the extreme 23-mm wide-angle to 250‑mm focal length can be used. Accessories can be attached on all four sides of the frame: for example a viewfinder, a small finger grip, a massive hand grip, a flashlight, a spirit level, a small exposure meter or whatever else is required. The entire ALPA range of accessories is available together with many accessories from other manufacturers.

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