Happy New Year, I know many of you all are looking forward to what 2021 may bring and so am I. This past year has been unlike anything we could have imagined, from losing loved ones to staying locked in the house for the last several month., 2020 was a tough year but it taught us all how to be resilient. A lot of us stepped up to help those in our communities by way of supporting local businesses and artist, which I hope to see more of this year.  

As you all know, Enforcer Friday’s started this year, and I have been pleased with you all engagement. Though, this week is the start of a new year, I would like to introduce you to St. Louis Rising. It’s my playlist catered to local and national artist from St. Louis showcasing the burgeoning music talent thriving in our gritty, and lovable city. If you would like to listen to the full playlist you can click on the link below. 

As this is somewhat of a year ending article, I have revised my St. Louis Rising Playlist into a top 25 to hone in on a few songs, and artists that caught my attention last year. This first song really stuck out to me when I heard it earlier in 2020, “Lil Black Boy”. Written by Sir Eddie C, an upcoming rapper on the St. Louis scene. Eddie started out with a group called “NoWhere”, that is comprised of members  Zado, Teacupdragon, and Sir Eddie C.  In the early half of 2020 this collective was successful at winning best group at the Slumfest Awards, and gained notoriety for their on stage performances wearing costumes, and bringing a great show where ever they performed. 

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“Lil Black Boy”, resonated with me because this was a trying year for Black men and women. We lost the lives of Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd to police brutality and negligence as a result of systemic racism that has plagued our society. “Lil Black Boy” is a reminded of the struggles Black people deal with and go through, and it reminded me that I’m not alone in the struggle for equality.

St. Louis Does R&B

Over the last few years the R&B scene has been emerging in St. Louis, and it cannot be ignored any longer. In my last article I touched on a few, and again i wanted to make a quick mention to a couple of songs that had me jamming. One is “Vibrate” by “Blacluv”, this song reminds me of that 90’s neo-soul sound and I love it. Another song that I have been digging is LL Manny’s, “Love Come Down” featuring Be.Be., it’s a sultry and seductive song so be sure you play this for the person you love.

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I also have been vibing to the smooth sounds of Frankie DoWop’s, “Forever and a Day”, and Aysia Berlynn’s song “Spinning”, these songs are my riding songs when I’m on a long drive or entertaining a small gathering. I can’t forget Greze Gutta’s” Melanin Moonlight”, an ode to the Black woman, make sure you be ready to two-step to this. 

St. Louis Music Veterans Deliver

St. Louis has some solid veterans on the music scene that have been pushing the culture on the national level. These titans or emcee’s have solidified St. Louis as a place to be reckoned with as they release consistent dope content. You will be hard pressed to find a person on the rap scene who have NOT caught a L from these guys.

Aye Verb would probably call himself a god in his circle amongst battle rappers but unlike a lot of his battle cohorts Verb can put together some dope music, so be sure to check out his song  “Beautiful Creatures”. Tef Poe another vet, is all over the place, whether it’s fighting for social justice, or trading bars with his rapping cohorts, you don’t want to end up on the wrong side dealing with this emcee. You can catch Tef on a couple tracks one of which is “God Hop” along side the ever eclectic “Black Spade”,  or hear Tef trading menacing bars with T-Dubb-O on “Bussin”. 

Last is Ju, he was signed to a major years ago, and now releasing independent projects, be sure to listen to “Z28”. Ju seems to be a teacher, as his latest projects enlist some of St. Louis newest and rising talent Asa The Artist and Teff Deezy on “Mini VanZ”. 

St. Louis Emerging Artists

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These next couple of artist have been running the streaming numbers up literally. I’m talking about Rahli and 30 Deep Grimeyy. Rahli has been rising quickly with his street anthems in particular his most recent “Do Dirt Alone” featuring Kevin Gates. Rahli has a sound like no other and I am interested to see how far he will go because he has carved out his distinct signature style.

Last is 30 Deep Grimeyy, an internet sensation influenced by Chicago Drill Music. His song “Say Cheese”, details some of the negatives of young Black men growing up in St. Louis.   Grimeyy’s style is hardcore street raps, fused with trunk rattling beats. I have seen several interviews from Grimeyy, and I can say he looks to be doing good and staying out of trouble which is good for an artist of his caliber. 

Have a good weekend and hopefully we will be back to our normal schedule of music releases for the week. Make sure you hit the like button and support your local artist by streaming their music. 

Elvin Chambers