May 27th will be bringing, not only a popular R&B artist to St. Louis, but also a uniquely diverse group of fans to Ball Park Village. 

While politicking and having lunch at Ballpark Village, I was able to get a better understanding of the variety of events and entertainment Ballpark Village has created in St. Louis.  Specifically, Ballpark Village’s 3rd Annual District Rhythms concert series featuring top charting R&B artists.  Theron Morgan, Director of Business Development at Ballpark Village, explained that the first District Rhythm series concert will kick-off a sundry of summer long concerts at Ballpark Village.

“This year we’re bringing two of the most popular artist in recent memory to Ball Park Village with our concert series, Mint Condition and Dru Hill. Due to this event growing in popularity and bringing out a large number of fans to the District Rhythm concert series, we moved the event outside to incorporate more space for the crowd,” – Theron Morgan said.

For the third installation of this annual concert series, Mint Condition will be on the Busch II City View Festival Stage, rain or shine. Mint Condition has been rocking the R&B scene since their first album dropped in 1991 by the name of, “Meant to be Mint”. Their songs are still rotating on radio stations like 95.5 with songs like “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes),” that came from their first album, and “What Kind of Man Would I be”. It is rumored that Mint Condition will be retiring their mics soon, so attendance is futile. They will be showing us exactly what makes them our favorite 90’s band and why they will forever go down in history after 20 plus years of performing.

Aunyae Heart is the St. Louis native who received the honor of opening up for Mint Condition. Heart is a soulful singer who uses the piano to accompany her vivacious lyrics during her performances. Her lyrics have been said to capture the ears of her listeners and become anthems to them. Heart will be sharing the stage with Mint Condition so it is apparent that she knows how to put on a show as well.

Following this show with Mint condition, District Rhythms already has their next concert in place. The group, Dru Hill, will be closing this concert series out on July 29th with their headlining tour. Dru Hill is most known for their song, “In My Bed” and “How Deep is Your Love.” The opener who was blessed with the position to open for Dru Hills is the band, Dirty Mugs. Dirty Mugs are also St. Louis natives and perform amazingly choreographed sets. Their genre is considered eclectic because it forces you to get on your feet and shake something!

District Rhythm’s is bringing these artists with the help from old school 95.5 and E.I. Vatterott college extreme institute by Nelly. Previous performers of the concert series include: Tony Tony Tony, George Clinton and SWV. Each of these artist symbolizing what we all loved about R&B and what it lacks of now. Make sure to come out to each of these shows in order to get a reminder of what we’re missing in this industry. These concerts will sell out so be sure not to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Article By Alexy Irving for Delux Magazine | May/June issue

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