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Distortedd is a visual artist of animation and graphics who has been traveling state to state putting on incredible art shows. She hails from Philadelphia and is helping cultivate the art culture by throwing art party’s featuring her work and the art work of local artist. St. Louis was her 4th stop and this event served as an excellent reminder of the talent St. Louis holds as well as a nice first visit for Distortedd.

Distorted praises our hometown by saying, “St. Louis was positive vibes and everybody made me feel really welcomed. “

Her show in St. Louis was located at The Kitchen Sink and had a handful of artist putting on an amazing show for us. Visual artist showcasing their work were Art Culture King who featured abstract paintings of women and another visual artist by the name of Marie Enger. The third visual artist was Distortedd herself selling her work with her renowned swirling eye symbol.

“My eye logo represents my distorted view on life. Everything I think of is crazy including my ideas, there so far fetched,” Distortedd said.

The music performances started with DJ Paco on the board then preceded to the St. Louis rap acts. The Dominoe Effect knew how to work the crowd with their performance. This rap duo used the entire venue as their stage and had their supporters up front dancing and rapping the words with them. Fresh Nova was an energetic performer who didn’t sit still long enough to snap a good image of his performance. The last performer, Tino brought up the rear of the performances but that didn’t deter him from showing out as well.

“I’ve been getting really good feedback on my art work and these art parties I’ve been throwing,” Distorted tells me after her St. Louis show.

With a fan base of over 28 thousand followers on Instagram, her popularity is ever growing with these Art Party’s she’s putting on. Her manager felt St. Louis is a city that needs events like these with dope Dj’s and good energy so they linked up with our very own, Jon Alexander, to put this amazing event on.

Before the event occurred, Jon had a dinner set up for her as well as a meet and greet so Distortedd can get a better taste of what St. Louis is about. The Dinner was at a membership only restaurant by the name of “Blood and Sand” and Stacy Static, a local radio host, as well as Paula Reed, a very active lawyer in the St. Louis area, were there to accompany all of us for the dinner. The Meet and Greet was laid back and took place at the Arcade Apartments downtown where Jon had a room rented out for the event.

Following her St. Louis show, she went straight to Chicago, giving herself and I a taste of what type of creative juices Chicago has to offer. Her Chicago show was nothing less then amazing as well. Upon arrival, Distortedd met with the co-sponsor of the event, Serenity, for a meal at Yolk and then proceeded to Iridium clothing to get fitted for the night. Her meet and greet was hosted at Jugrnaut in Chicago and right after that the party started at Iridium.

The event had 2 DJ’s, one by the name of Gxxd Stress, and the other named DJ Prose. The performers were amazing and gave a good light on the Chicago music scene. The people who performed were: Jinx the Natural, LaJè, Jean Deaux, and St. Louis’ very own, Smino. Smino gave several shout outs to St. Louis during his show and the love was returned right back to him.

The artist showcasing their work at the Chicago stop were Distortedd, Syd Brisco and Oliver JD Souffrant.

After the Chicago show, I asked Distortedd if she had any final words on her St. Louis and Chicago Art Party. She had this to say, “Its an amazing feeling having people like your stuff and to have them actually want to buy your artwork or merchandise” said Distorted. “People like my work so much that they actually tattoo it on them and that makes me feel like I’m doing a really good job!”