Mula Rouge, Knits & Tings

Complimenting an era of the retro age, through knit&crochetwear

“The hope is to spread handmade knitwear appreciation, here in the heartland. Saint Louis, especially. ”

The Idea:
Mula Rouge Knits&Tings was magically curated by Casherel Thirdkill. After visiting a laid-back knitting group, with grown folk; Cash was extremely intrigued and physically healed by the practice. Post group, she gracefully continued practicing both, knitwear and crochet (with her aunt), commemorating the women of the knitting group, along with touching internal fluff as a fashion designer. Thanks sweet ladies at the knitting group!

Style & Quality:
Mula Rouge Knits&Tings is a collection of handmade knots and other detailed oriented styling, for the quirksters who represent comfort and casualness, here in the heartland.

100% Handmade:
Each garment is delicately made, cared for and sometimes even worn by designer, Casherel Thirdkill to make sure each garment is in good shape prior to selling.

As of now, all knitted/woven garments are thoroughly designed with 100% acrylic and or 100% cotton.