Born and Raised in Saint Louis, MO, the bossy, sexy, and self proclaimed #FatFlyChick Mz. 007 is heating up in the world of hip-hop. ¬†After 5 years of building notoriety with radio and live performances in her hometown, she moved to LA to take her dream to the next level. ¬†She recently released her new single and video ‘IMPORTANT.” ¬†Mz-007

She’s been call the¬†Female Rick Ross. ¬†Often compared to Missy Elliott, and¬†Mia X, she is said to be the Female Biggie. ¬†She reminds me of Wiz Khalifa. ¬†I’m loving her. ¬†She tells Who’s Next Power 106, ¬†“Now I’m in L.A. working very closely with my producer Hookman, [Marlin Bonds, a St. Louis native featured in the current Delux Magazine] who is well known to the industry for songwriting and producing, and I’m ready to win!! Cause that’s what I do… I can’t lose. ¬†I work to hard for that.”


The song is infections and hella fun. ¬†We’re fans! ¬†Get it, girl! ¬†And we’re not the only ones. ¬†It seems there’s all kindsa buzz going on about this #FlyChick. ¬†Check out Jezebel, Perez Hilton, and Feministing. ¬†There’s more. ¬†Just Google her. ¬†She’s IMPORTANT.

My absolute favorite line of the entire song is, “I’m coming through, bitc#, I’m gorgeous!”

Her playful rhymes and tone show a hint of Missy Elliot’s influence, but in a little bit more of a ‘hood way,’ as she puts it. She is confident that if you haven’t heard of her, you will soon.

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