Will there ever be a point in time when blackface will be socially acceptable? I don’t think so, but it seems some do. The days of white people painting their faces has also seemed to return. Though, for many who participate in the demeaning act, it never ends well. Yes, society may have come a long way in artistic expression, this stain on history will never be okay. Recently, a makeup artist on Instagram found this out the hard way.

White people in blackface seem to be the new trend as pictures flood social media with distasteful captions. A Russian makeup artist with the handle @notcatart is under fire for his recent “White to Black” makeup challenge, in which he used several makeup brands to achieve a look mimicking a black person.

In his caption he wrote, “I love skin of all colors and this look is inspired from it,” he wrote in his caption. “That we all are beautiful… And I wanna show you how it’s beautiful love it!

ITS NOT “BLACKFACE” If you don’t like it just don’t watch it ???

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Many people responded giving the makeup artist kudos for this talent, while others ripped him to shreds. Due to the current racial climate, many felt the tutorial was racially insensitive and in no way acceptablefor the artist to convey.

For someone who stated he loved all skin colors, it didn’t show well in the comments he was liking on the video. The artist favorited comments featuring inflammatory language against black women. 

Nyx Cosmetics, the make-up products that were used responded on Twitter stating, “NYX Professional Makeup condemns the use of its products to create makeup looks that are hurtful or degrading to others. We are proud champions of a multi-cultural beauty community that supports positivity and artistry for all.”

Though the intentions of the makeup artist are unclear, it can be said there are plenty of ways for him to display his love for the melanated skin tones. This demonstration is not it and never will be okay.



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