Now Dr Dre has been keeping us in suspense awaiting his album “The Detox” which has been coming for about 5 years, and to be honest, I’m bored of waiting!

But it seems he hasn’t just been concentrating on the album, as you know he’s released his Beats by Dre Headphones, also the Beats by GaGa earphones and now he has the Beats by Dre Laptop!

The laptop is an absolute beast!, it comes with some pretty jaw dropping specs featuring: Quad-core Core i7 CPUs, integrated night vision webcam (Paris Hilton will be happy with that!), and will more than likely ship with Windows 7 when it’s released on the 22nd October (both the laptop and the operating system come out that day).

A special edition of the laptop will come with a pair of beats headphones and special audio software for all your audiophillic needs!, although be prepared to drop $2299 on that badboy!

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