This year’s Black History Month pack from Nike celebrates the achievements and pioneering spirit of three important basketball players: Julius Irving, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. There was a call to greatness for all three players, a moment in time that defined their careers and changed the course of history for the sport of basketball. For Dr. J, it was unifying the ABA and NBA with his finesse and high flying style. For Jordan, it was the ’87 Slam Dunk title, the one that made kids all over draw chalk lines to jump from in their backyards. When Kobe scored 81 points in ‘06, it made you question what planet he was from. Each player laid the foundation for the next to elevate the game even further. The predominantly black upper of this Black History Month pack is a nod to the past because in the early days of the sport of basketball, shoes on the court were almost always black. The hints of gold all around the shoe are reminders of the golden moment we all are striving to achieve. Stay tuned for release details.

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