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As a new year peeks around the corner, most of us take the time to reflect. We reflect on the year we’ve had, the choices we’ve made, and what we want the new year to bring. For some of us, the year brings us much success, triumphs, and financial gains. While for others, it may have been a year of loss with family, careers, and personal goals. Each year, brings something new that teaches us something about ourselves. However, it is up to us to take the wins and losses and keep pushing. As 2017 closes out, and 2018 is on the horizon, here are some ideas to help kick off your new year right!


1. Celebrate Your Blessings

A lot of times, things don’t come to us in the way we necessarily want them, but they come. I am notorious for this because I always have my eye on a bigger prize. Though, I’ve learned, each blessing, whether big or small, should be celebrated. Celebrating each moment of happiness helps you cultivate your spirit of gratefulness. Being grateful for the things you already have, or the goals you’ve accomplished motivates you to keep working hard. Sometimes, we forget to celebrate what we have because we’re so focused on what we are trying to achieve.  It is important to give thanks and recognize what you have so you can appreciate your future blessings that much more.

What have you celebrated lately?

2. Speak Positivity into Your Life

Have you ever heard the saying, “You have what you say?” I have heard it my whole life and it’s the most powerful mantra to date. What you put into the universe is what you get back. My mother would always tell me, “Be careful what you speak over your life.” I didn’t understand what she meant at first, but as I got older, I understood. What you think or even say about yourself will be the energy you bring into your life. If you speak positivity over your life, you will attract positivity. If you are always dwelling on negativity, you will see negative things occur. Yes, life doesn’t always give us roses, but its how we handle being plucked with the thorns that helps shape you. If you want that new job, then say, “Thank you for my new job!” If you see that new house you’ve been eyeing, go view it and then stand inside of it and speak it into existence. You have what you say so speak great things over your life!

What are you speaking into existence for the new year?

3. Own Your Role

Where you are and who you are in life are manifestations of the choices you have made thus far. Whether good or bad, own them! Own the intricate role you played to get where you are in your life. Life throws us curve balls, but did you get back up? Or did you stay down and wallow in defeat? Owning the role, you played in anything in life, is how you can move forward. Take the time to assess your situation and come up with a plan to change. You are in control of your destiny. Take it by the reigns and be the person you ultimately want to be.

Are you ready for change this new year?

new year

4. Embrace The Lessons……And Learn From Them!

Everything in life happens for a reason. Some of them are in your control and some of them may not be. Either way, they happened. Learning from them is how you grow as person. Some lessons are meant to teach us humility, patience, and reveal things about ourselves. Others are orchestrated to teach us about people who may be in your circle and/or your life. Being in tuned with what the lesson is keeps you from having to repeat it. My mother always tells me (it drives me nuts too!) until I learn whatever lessons I am intended to learn, I will keep repeating it. Trust me when I tell you, the frustration that comes from repeating a life test is no fun. But, eventually I get it and I move on, and you will too. So, buckle down and dive in so you can continue to excel to life’s next step.

5. Allow Yourself A Break

Working yourself into the ground does not benefit you, or the goals you are trying to achieve. It is imperative to have a work-life balance to remain focused. Taking a moment to spend time with friends, catching a movie, or even a weekend vacation, allows you time to enjoy life. How much will you really enjoy your achievements if so much of life has passed you by while working on them? Believe me when I say, I have a bad habit of working all the time. But, I have people around me who pull me away from work to enjoy time laughing and relaxing. Giving yourself a couple of hours to just relax, it will help you more than it will hurt trust me. Remember, take a moment to celebrate your blessings!

When is the last time you took a break?

6. Creating Your Own Happy Ending

What it is you really want out of life? Is it love, a successful career, to travel the world, or start a business of your own? What is the happy ending you’ve dreamt about for your life? Now ask yourself, have I done anything to get me to this point? Waiting for life to happen, instead of jumping on the bull, and grabbing it by the horns will not get you what you dream about at night. There are things and situations, that with time, you will have to patiently wait for. However, there is still work to do, steps to take, and a small goals to check off until that big moment comes. If you’re waiting for that big moment to fall into your lap, keep waiting because life doesn’t happen that way. Make this year the year you cross off at least two of those goals you’ve rolled over year after year. Let this be the year YOU write some of the chapters that will make up the happy ending of your life.




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