Fashion has always been, and always will be dynamic. But style is timeless. The former is largely concerned with the what is cool, or what trends are at what time, etc. The latter, is not. Few men exhibit times timeless cool and display of good taste, and those that have shone in the public eye deserve mention. The following SEVEN men are ones which we believe deserve mention as having some of the most iconic style, during the last decade.



Diddy style is all about dressing up. His penchant for luxury is a hallmark of the modern hip-hop look and translates from casual to formal. To really capture the Diddy look, you have to have the right combination of well-made clothing worn in a relaxed style. His sports the style of success without the stuffiness of old-world wealth or the garishness of new-found riches. Diddy raises the level of expectations from the everyday fan and artist to bring a level of sophistication not just to hip-hop fashion, but to fashion in general



The secret to bending it like Beckham is to mix things up. Always keeping people guessing requires staying on top of trends, knowing your basics, adopting a willingness to wear items out of context, rotating your look regularly, and not being afraid to break all the style rules. No wonder fashionable people everywhere admire David Beckham: He’s inspiring, confident and fun — everything fashion is all about.



After his work on the Pirates franchise, Depp seemed like he was taking his role as a Keith Richards-as-Jack Sparrow a little too serious, but this ended up not being the case.  No one has gone from 1980’s teen heartthrob to critically-acclaimed actor quite like Depp, and we appreciate his take on the Hollywood superstar that seems to not appreciate the attention. While his appearance might actually be the choreographed workings of a team of stylists, it seems very thrown together and carefree. This fits his demeanor, and is one that most everyone can appreciate in terms of aesthetics.



IDRIS ELBA IS LIVING PROOF THAT YOU CAN HAVE STYLE AND SUBSTANCE.  Tineseltown tough guy Idris “Stringer Bell” Elba may have kicked ass and taken names in the acclaimed HBO series The Wire, but on these pages the British actor is stealing hearts in sleek designs by Prada, Hugo Boss, and D&G.  Look for the dapper single dad in a slew of new films including Obsessed and The Unborn—both slated to hit theaters in April—and in Jada Pinkett Smith’s soon-to-be-released directorial debut, The Human Contract.



No matter where he’s photographed or what he’s wearing, Brad Pitt possesses the impressive ability to bring a natural style to everything he puts on. From his sleek suits to his rugged, masculine ensembles, style icon Brad Pitt never appears as though he’s trying too hard. Brad Pitt’s good looks and uncontrived style have not gone unrecognized by the fashion industry either; he has fronted the covers of countless fashion magazines and he has served for several years as the spokesman for uber-cool Japanese denim label Edwin. All in all, in spite of his high-profile, ultra-glamorous life as one of the world’s biggest movie stars, Brad Pitt’s fashion choices are refreshingly down-to-earth, making him an icon of modern American style.



When he’s not wearing a designer suit to the opening of his latest blockbuster, you’ll often catch Will Smith pairing jeans with a light-colored blazer or jacket in hues ranging from white to tan to silvery gray. You, too, can up your style quotient just like this fashion icon simply by throwing a blazer or fitted jacket over the more casual pieces in your closet.


Picture 1A trailblazer when it comes to both rapping and style, Jim Jones shared a commonality with many icons: he wasn’t afraid to venture into unfamiliar territory, even wearing jeans to fit, not to fall off, despite this wardrobe choice being heavily critisized. In fact, in just a few short years, the magnetic star popularized true religions, rock and republics,  as a way to dress defiantly and had inspired an entire generation to take a stance against the establishment. Altogether, Jim Jones tough-guy look came to epitomize the social acceptance of fashion that began in Harlem during the turn of the century. Think about it if it wasnt for him we would still be wearing baggy ass mc hammer pants.  We would not have the option to wear a pair of PRPS, an American Aperal Vneck, and a Yankees fitted with the bb simon to meetings.In my opinion he is a living legend in the style icon hall of fame for all time.(D.O.S.)

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